Kim Kardashian's newest app aims to change the way you shop

Imagine you're scrolling through Instagram and you see someone wearing something you love. You may wonder where they got it or where you can get something similar. Now, Kim Kardashian is rolling out a new app that connects your social media with your shopping power. It's called Screenshop and it's generating a lot of buzz. Here's how it works: You see something you like and you take a screenshot. The app does all of the online shopping searches for you and rounds up a list of similar products in different price points. You can even use this as you're browsing in a store. Say you like a skirt, but it's out of your budget. Simply take a picture and the app will find a host of similar options from different stores at various prices. There's a similar app called Like It To Know. This one also works through screenshots but instead of similar styles, it lists the exact items you see in the picture you like. With this service, you can actually sign up to get emails with all of the shopping info just for liking the picture.