Adam Arellano, Suite Twenty Four and Ripoff Report

I feel the best way to conduct business is to be 100% transparent with every client we come in contact with. One issue that comes up occasionally is a complaint we received on Ripoff Report.

Yes, we have received a complaint on Ripoff Report on December 5th 2016. When a report I filed against you there is an opportunity to file a response to the complaint, but in this situation, we decide not to.

Here’s why...

The web-based platform the client requested us to build was an on-demand escort application which is in the Adult sector of web/mobile applications. This is not something we develop, but the client insisted we do it anyway. Being as persistent the client was to work with us we unwillingly took on the development of this project.

Due to the nature of the application we did not want to publicly attach ourselves to a platform of this nature. It is for this reason alone we did not file a response.

Within the complaint the client claimed:

  1. We never delivered the app

  2. We outsourced the work to a 3rd party for development who held project hostage

  3. We filed for Bankruptcy

Let me address each claim individually so there is no confusion.

Claim #1: The App Was Never Delivered


The platform was delivered to the client in full on August 28th 2015. I personally flew to San Diego to celebrate the launch with the client as we had been working hard on the project for the past four months.

Once an app has been completed all source code is transferred to the client for their records as they own the code. As you can see below this was sent to the client on August 27th, the day before I met them in San Diego.

In addition, here are several videos of the web application completed and demo of the platforms features:

Claim #2: We Outsourced the work to a 3rd Part for Development Who Held The Project Hostage


Yes, we outsourced the platform to a reputable 3rd party company who specialized in these types of adult platforms. As I mentioned before, we did not feel comfortable with the project, but the client was insistent in working with us so we found a provider who could deliver a platform they would be pleased with.

Important: Working with a third-party does not mean you hand the project off and they handle the work. Absolutely not. We worked tirelessly day and night for many months on the project and were heavily involved in the development of the platform.

Working with a 3rd party is very rare, but in this unique circumstance we had no other option.

Yes, the 3rd party held the platform hostage. However, it was not due to non-payment as the platform was paid in full to the provider. As you can see below, the project was paid for in full and confirmed by the 3rd party provider:

The real reason the platform was held hostage is the risk we took when working with a 3rd party which we take responsibility for. We had given them an opportunity to work on some basic non-development projects for project planning.

However, their work was sub-par which we could not present to our clients. The provider insisted on payment as they felt they had completed the work – it was not.

Therefore being that the escort platform was on their server, they chose to take the site down for work they claimed was completed for other non-related projects by them and demanded payment or the escort platform would remain down. We refused.

We had to take immediate action to protect our escort platform client. We Immediately transferred the site to a secure sever as we still had the login credentials to their platform from the 3rd party developer.

We were successful in the site transfer and secured the site with the client. After the transfer was completed my team and I even added additional features to the platform at no cost ($2,500 worth).

The client however was not satisfied and chose to file a complaint with Ripoff Report even though we did everything we could to satisfy the client.

Claim #3: We Filed for Bankruptcy and Judgement Filed


This claim is fabricated and 100% false. The client chose to add this to his complaint in an effort to damage our company’s reputation. Over the past 14 years we have been in business (10 years formally as Creative Marketing Alliance, LLC and now Suite 24 with addition to more service offer