Why Your Business Needs to Sell Online


If you are like most business owners, you are probably relying on dated methods to increase your market reach and rate of customer acquisition. For most business owners, they rely on word of mouth, radio promotion, commercials, print media, trade shows, door-to-door, flyers, and dabbling with social media.

Your business will never reach its full potential or achieve a significant growth curve using these methods. Why? Three words – lack precise targeting.

If you are relying only on the methods previously mentioned then you are jeopardizing the success of your business as none of these methods provide you the ability to precisely segment and target your ideal customer.

Let me show you how to double your sales and customer base within the next 30 days.

To start…You must promote your products or services online as it provides you a limitless number of potential customers you can reach with precise targeting. The ability to target your ideal customer by location, interest, gender, age, and buying patterns is why you must have a strong presence online.

With online marketing there is no limit to the number of customers you can reach and the amount of sales you can make. Why leave your hard earned advertising dollars to less sophisticated mediums? With traditional advertising you are leaving too much to chance and are significantly reducing your conversions.

When you are selling your product or service online you control the environment and the message, but most importantly you control the sales process.

Controlling the Sales Process Now that you have a new customer or client in your store from your traditional marketing efforts, what happens next? You personally are responsible for closing the sale or you have an employee whose job is to take payment and send the customer on their way.

This is a huge mistake!


You, the business owner are leaving way too much money and repeat sales on the table! If you are not controlling the sales process you are making a tremendous mistake.

With online marketing you control the entire sales process from beginning to end and know exactly where your customers are coming from and what their needs are. Controlling the sales process gives you the power to promote the right product or service to the ideal customer and give them what they want. Knowing your customer and giving them exactly what they want opens the door to upsells.

When a customer walks in your door through traditional marketing you are leaving too much to chance when it comes to upselling your customer. You cannot count on your employees to be passionate enough about your product or service to “sell” the customer on buying more…and if by chance they were excited to sell the customer, they would not know how to approach that customer with an upsell to buy more product.

When you market your business online you know exactly who your customers are and their buying patterns making it simple to upsell the customer to buying more from you. Plus, with online marketing it is simple to upsell the customer with single click upsells to add more product or services to their cart.

When you market your business online you have the luxury of targeting only your ideal customer and selling them exactly what they want to be sold. Doesn’t that sound much easier than random customers walking through your door from traditional advertising who still need to be sold? Of course it does, which is why you must be using online marketing as the driving force of your business.

To help you get started I have included this simple blueprint that maps out the highest converting sales funnel I use in my own business and in many of our clients with great results.

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