Survey: Just A Third Of Digital Marketers Make Mobile A Priority


Marketers cite data overload and media fragmentation as key challenges in 2014.

In a survey by Marin Software, just a third of the more than 300 digital marketers polled in the U.S. and UK said they make creating seamless customer experiences across devices a priority.

Despite the shift in consumer usage of mobile devices, the majority of the marketers surveyed said they still don’t make mobile a priority. Over half (57 percent) said they optimize for mobile when they can but don’t put great focus on it and 10 percent said it’s not a significant part of their strategy.

Part of the challenge in adopting mobile strategies maybe a function of overload. A full 75 percent said their jobs became more complex just in the past year as a result of media fragmentation and data overload.

The survey aims to look at the challenges marketers are facing in cross-channel marketing. Attribution modeling across channels was cited as the biggest road block to implementing effective cross-channel marketing. If marketers can’t successfully measure the impact of their mobile campaigns, they’ll put their attention elsewhere.

Half of respondents cited a lack of transparency into the necessary data and 44 percent said siloed team structures hinders effective analysis and implementation of cross-channel campaigns. While just 12 percent of respondents said their digital marketing teams (paid search, social, SEO, display, etc.) aren’t integrated at all, 20 percent said the same for their online and offline disciplines.

Asked about online and offline budget allocations, interestingly, the majority wouldn’t make major or any shifts at all. Nearly a third (31 percent) felt they have the right balance in budget allocations and 32 percent would shift a little to spend to digital. Just 21 percent of the digital marketers surveyed said their companies should shift a lot more budget to digital.

Creating campaigns based on a deeper understanding of audiences and cross-channel digital marketing are the two top priorities for these marketers in 2015. Those were closely followed by better integrating online and offline marketing efforts and digital marketing disciplines.

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