Twitter Adds Analytics To Mobile App


Twitter has added analytics to its mobile app, allowing every user to see how many people are reading and responding to their tweets.

Ian Chan, an engineer at Twitter, announced the change in a tweet.


Twitter shows the number of impressions each tweet receives, a system of tracking how many people have seen each tweet, as well as the engagement that each tweet gets. That shows a range of ways of interacting with the tweet — including replies, clicks through to your profile, and others.

Those are presented per tweet but also in graphs allowing you to track how popular your tweets have been over the last month.

The page also gives details of your followers over time, showing you in a chart how quickly (or slowly) you’ve been gaining followers.

It starts tracking the data from the first time you sign into the analytics platform — meaning that old tweets won’t be shown in the system.

The analytics can also be accessed on the desktop version of twitter, at Twitter seems to be pushing out adverts for that site to users, placing a big bar at the top of feeds telling you how many times your tweets were seen over the last month.