Tools To Build Payment-Enabled Mobile Apps


Alpha Software Corporation has integrated its Alpha Anywhere business application development environment with Worldpay, a global payment provider, in a move which it hopes will speed the creation of payment-enabled mobile business apps.

By combining Alpha Anywhere, a mobile and web app development environment featuring offline capability, with Worldpay's payment processing expertise, developers have an option to add premium payment processing services to mobile and web applications.

Alpha CEO Richard Rabins says that Worldpay adds a wealth of global payments experience, with an average of 9.4 million transactions daily in the US alone. Through the Worldpay relationship, Alpha confirms that it will support the numerous payment types provided by Worldpay.

"There is a real opportunity for enterprises today to offer robust, payment-enabled apps to their constituents; however, many are challenged with quickly and easily developing and deploying these apps," said Hunter Menton, VP at Worldpay. "By partnering with Alpha, an application development market leader, together we can help enterprises expand their mobile apps ecosystem and simplify mobile payments."

Cloudworks Global recently released a scalable payment-enabled application using the Alpha/Worldpay API. The athleticloud app from Cloudworks Global serves as a mobile information hub for high school athletic directors, coaches, athletes, and parents. It was built, tested, and deployed dramatically faster than typical app development timeframes that Cloudworks Global had previously experienced and at significantly lower cost than alternate approaches.