Twitter Ads Can Now Be Targeted By Mobile Carrier & New Devices


The new options are available today in 35 countries and are coming soon to Ads API partners.

Twitter advertising continues to set its sights on mobile users. In the last year, the company has given advertisers the tools to target by mobile OS, mobile device and wifi connectivity. Today it’s rolling out two more options: the ability to target by mobile carrier and by users with new mobile devices.

The new options are available now in 35 countries, and will roll out to Ads API partners soon, Twitter said in a blog post. Twitter provided several use cases for mobile carrier targeting:

Mobile carriers. If you’re a mobile carrier, you can easily create a loyalty campaign on Twitter by targeting only your customers, and excluding those using other carriers. You can also create an effective customer acquisition campaign by targeting all users except those who already subscribe to your service.

Mobile manufacturers and app marketers. These marketers can create custom content tailored to people based on their carrier to drive improved performance.

Other verticals. Advertisers across verticals can create carrier-targeted campaigns that align with their preferred demographic. For example, a CPG brand that knows that users of a certain carrier are more likely to be interested in their product can target those users exclusively to optimize campaign efficiency.

Carrier targeting is already helping mobile payments app Softcard, which tested the feature in advance.

“Softcard has a unique challenge in that we have three separate versions of our app, which are all mobile carrier-specific,” Softcard’s Jeff Mack said in the Twitter post. “Our biggest challenge in the past was effectively running digital acquisition campaigns where we could push a new user to the correct version of the app. With carrier targeting on Twitter we’ve been able to overcome that challenge in a big way.”

By targeting by new mobile device, advertisers can include users who have used Twitter within a recent time period, which would be useful for marketers of apps trying to reach people looking for ways to trick out their new phones or tablets. Such targeting can be combined with other device targeting, including keyword, interest or mobile OS.