Twitter Enables Ad Targeting Based On Mobile App Actions

Mobile app advertisers can create tailored audiences based on installs, purchases or sign-ups.

Twitter today announced that it’s giving mobile app advertisers a way to fine tune their ad targeting, allowing the creation of audience segments based on app actions such as install, purchase or sign-up.

The basic idea is to help advertisers focus on reaching people who are most likely to engage and enable the exclusion of people who already are interacting with a company’s app. Product manager Kelton Lynn explained in a blog post:

Tailored audiences from mobile apps can help you drive the highest possible ROI in your app install and app engagement campaigns. You can ensure that your ads are not displayed to users who have already installed your app. And you can augment tailored audiences from mobile apps with look-alike targeting to reach high-value users most similar to those who have your app installed.

In app engagement campaigns, you can use tailored audiences from mobile apps to connect with users at specific stages of your app marketing funnel. For instance, you can target users who have installed your app but have not yet signed up or made a purchase.


Twitter said that the new tailored audience feature has been tested by a handful of brands, including mobile rebate company Ibotta and feedback has been positive.

The data for the targeting comes exclusively from app companies, so advertisers that want to take advantage of the new feature must have enabled conversion tracking within their apps. That can be done either through Twitter’s Answers platform or a mobile measurement partner.

Tailored audiences from mobile apps are available globally on the self-service Twitter Ads conversion tracking page.

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