Drync Mobile App Changes The Wine E-Commerce Landscape


Drync, the leading wine e-commerce mobile app, allows people to buy nearly any wine they are enjoying by simply snapping a photo of the label. Drync identifies the wine within a few seconds using state-of-the-art image recognition and a database of more than 3 million labels.

People can buy from the catalog of 30,000 wines, about 15 times that of a typical wine shop, and using Infinite Shelf, have that wine shipped to a local retailer for pickup.

Drync's Infinite Shelf, now available in the App Store, makes Drync first-to-market in blending mobile and traditional wine commerce, expanding wine lovers' choice and convenience.

Infinite Shelf buyers enjoy free shipping, receive their wines within days and picking up when and where convenient.

Consumers increasingly love the convenience of shopping a broad catalog online, and time and cost savings of in-store pickup. In a national survey conducted last month by Drync, wine buyers said they were three times more likely to buy wine online in the next 12 months if in-store pickup is an option.

"We know the ability to pick up wine in store is a game-changer. Buy online, pick-up in store is a trend that has been very successful for big retailers. With Infinite Shelf, Drync is the first mobile app to offer this model to wine consumers, making it easier for them to get their favorite wine while enabling retailers to expand foot traffic," said Brad Rosen, Drync's CEO.

Drync also helps people discover new wines with more than one million expert and user reviews, as well as expert-curated collections of wines in topical categories. Users can easily learn about wines and then share, notate, and buy for delivery where allowed nationwide.

Available for iPhone and iPad users in Boston now, Infinite Shelf(TM) rolls out nationwide in 2015. In November Drync became the first wine app with support for Apple Pay, which enables instantaneous and seamless checkout with the touch of a finger on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.

About DryncFounded in 2008, Drync is the first mobile app that allows consumers to scan, track, share, and purchase wine at the moment it is most relevant to them - while they are drinking it. For more information, visit: www.drync.com or download for iPhone and iPad at http://dryn.cc/UwBTpC or Android at http://dryn.cc/1i43kVn.