Facebook mobile app ads: More auto-play, more predictable reach & frequency

Facebook on Tuesday introduced some new ways to incentivize advertisers to use mobile app ads. Through mobile app ads, Facebook claims that advertisers will have more reliable reach and frequency. Eligible mobile app ads with video will also play automatically in News Feed.

Additionally, advertisers can now target users on Amazon Fire tablets.

Facebook’s Jun Li wrote about how advertisers can achieve more predictable reach and frequency through mobile app ads:

We’re enabling the ability to buy mobile app ads with a highly predictable reach and frequency. What this means is that now mobile app advertisers can purchase highly predictable unique reach with managed frequency across the lifetime of the campaign.

For example, advertisers can set their app ad campaign to reach 5 Million people with a frequency cap of 3 impressions per person for 1 week. Because reach and frequency optimizes first and foremost for unique reach, it is most effective for campaigns with brand awareness objectives, such as an app launch or important app update. For all other times during your ad campaign, you should use oCPM for installs.

With this latest update, video is also emphasized more. Facebook noted in a blog post that moving forward and when eligible, video mobile app ads will play automatically within News Feed. Facebook also enabled advertisers to purchase mobile app ads with video through Power Editor.

In that blog post, Facebook also offered five ways that advertisers can get more from mobile app ads:

  • Find new device owners. Smartphone sales grew 25 percent last holiday season compared to the quarter before.1 New devices means new opportunities for app installs. Advertisers can reach new device owners by targeting people that have recently used Facebook on a new device. This targeting option can be found under Behaviors during ad creation.

  • Reach specific devices. If your app is optimized for certain devices, you can target people using newer device models such as the iPhone 6, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Amazon Fire.

  • Optimize campaigns for your business objective. To get the most efficient delivery for mobile app install ads, choose “Optimize for installs.” For app launches and major updates, where the goal is broad awareness, use Reach and Frequency buying.

  • Identify your top app users and find people who look like them. To drive app installs, build a Custom Audience using the top 25 percent of users. Then build a Lookalike Audience based off of it to find people with similar characteristics.

  • Test multiple ad creatives, including video. As new mobile devices are activated over the holidays, this is the perfect time to test new ad creatives. Test five to 10 new concepts to improve overall campaign delivery and achieve campaign goals.