Build a Customer Profile – Increase Downloads

Congratulations - Your app is finished and in your hands! Now what?

For many Appreneurs they are left with this empty feeling and not sure what their next step is. Having a completed app in the app store is one thing, having an app that sells is another. To launch a successful app there is one key step you must take which will multiply your success and dramatically increase your downloads. You must Build a Customer Profile.

Building an app requires a tremendous amount of planning and solid execution to get it to the finish line. Unfortunately, many Appreneurs do not take this same level of planning when it comes to building a customer profile.

Here’s how to build a customer profile to lead a successful marketing campaign and increase downloads.


The first step to building a successful customer profile is research. Taking the time to research your ideal customer is invaluable as it will provide the insight you require to increase the number of downloads you receive for your app.

When researching your ideal app user you want to identify the following:


What does your user like to do? Where do they shop? What apps do they currently use? etc. Take the time to think about your ideal user and who they are from a 360 view. Demographics

Where do your ideal users live? How old are they? Are they male or female? For example; you have a fashion app that finds the best deals for designer brands, you will want to have this information. You will want to know what city has the largest concentration of designer retailers, how old the average designer brand shopper is and their gender.

With this information you are able to narrow down your focus and effectively target with a well-planned marketing campaign.

Think about it, if you launched a campaign for this app and targeted; men and women between the ages of 18-35 who live in the US - the number of downloads you would receive would be dismal. Your audience is too broad and will result in less downloads at a higher cost per conversion.

Now say if you were to take a more calculated approach; you are only targeting women between the ages of 25-35 who earn $100,000+ a year, who live in Miami Florida where the ratio of luxury department stores is one in every 2 miles, the number of your downloads would tremendously increase.

See the difference?

So where can you find this information?

There are two ways to accomplish this.

1. Google search 2. Facebook Graph Search

With Google search you would type in searches such as, “Which city has the most luxury department stores?”, or “What is the median age of luxury brand consumers?”. There are limitless sources of information you can find by performing this simple search for the exact information you are looking for.


In addition to Google, Facebook’s Graph Search provides you with intimate customer data you require to build your customer profile. It’s almost scary how much information Facebook has on all of us. Performing a search on Facebook will show you how big your customer base is, what their interests are and exactly what there are into for you to target. This is your opportunity to use it to increase your mobile app downloads.

For example; you can type into Facebook’s Graph search “Women who live in Miami Florida that like Louis Vuitton”


Facebook would return results of women in this search query. In addition to liking Louis Vuitton, you can review each profile from the search results to see what other related interests they have to Louis Vuitton to broaden your user campaign targeting.


With Facebook graph search you are also able to see exactly who your potential users are. This makes a big impact in your message as you have a face to identify with as your customer. Now your marketing approach shifts from marketing “at” potential users to connecting “to” potential users.

Taking the time to identify your ideal user is is critical to your apps success. With the amount of information that Google and Facebook provide you can build a clear customer profile quickly. The best part is this exercise will help you to target your ideal users with precision lowering your cost per conversion while increasing downloads.

Get to know your user and they in return will want to know more about your app and ultimately become a new customer.

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