Apple Watch Changing the Game Again – Are You Prepared?

September 9th 2014 was an exciting day for the app development community. Yes, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were officially announced, but the real story for developers here is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is changing the game again and will create limitless opportunities for iOS developers as in addition to the watch, Apple has announced a dedicated app store just for Apple Watch apps. This is huge! Apple Watch gives developers an opportunity to think outside the box and have fun with the wearable device.

As an “Appreneur”, my mind was racing thinking of innovative ways to develop apps that will make use of the Apple Watch’s capabilities. With the newly announced NFC technology, and Internet of Things, we are truly living in the future. Those who capitalize on this opportunity are going to set the standards for wearable application development.

Unfortunately yes, there are going to be the “flashlight” apps of the Apple Watch and numerous health applications knock-offs. However, those who choose to innovate and create something that changes the way Apple Watch users interact with the world round them are going to be the Picassos of our time-creating digital masterpieces.

If you are not thinking about Apple Watch applications, then you are missing the boat big time. Here are three reasons to think about and what this new device really means for developers and Appreneurs:

  • First real adoption to a wearable device. In the past there have been numerous wearable devices such as; Pebble, Fit Gear, Fuel Band, and a slew of Samsung, and Sony smart watches. However, there has always been hesitation from consumers to really adopt these devices as there was no real value in owning one. With Apple Watch there is going to be a tremendous swing in consumers who will be purchasing the Apple Watch for its intrinsic value. As a developer you want to be thinking about the Apple Watch now as it will change how the world adapts and uses wearable technology.

  • The Apple Watch app market is the next gold rush. Lets be honest, how many developers or Appreneurs build an app for the sole purpose of having fun and not to earn a profit? If you are one of the few than congratulations! Speaking for myself, I like developing quality applications that add value to the end user while making a profit. If you are like me and want to create apps to turn a profit, than this is your opportunity to get in the app game.

  • The Apple Watch will change the way we interact with each another, our surroundings, and is not just another smartphone accessory. With The Internet of Things gaining momentum, it is only a matter of time until the Apple Watch seamlessly integrates with your home, your car and any other device that can be connected via the internet. There has been other smartwatches on the market for some time, and even though Apple’s is late on the scene, they will do what other devices could not – change the way we interact with one another and our surroundings.

When the Apple Watch hits stores early next year the world is going to change. We will become more connected than ever. As an app developer it is our duty to harness this connectivity to create applications that are useful, add value and are innovative. The Apple Watch is changing the game again, and for those who are prepared will create the best apps to ever hit the marketplace.

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