Digital Marketing Strategy

We construct precise marketing strategies that engage relevant
prospect segments and convert them into customers. 

Customer Profiling

Demographic Research

Copy Writing

Sales Funnel Development

Campaign Targeting



We know your next customers collective interests and buying patterns.  The core of a successful marketing strategy is intimately understanding your customer.  Our teams of research analysts construct a customer profile to precisely targeting key customer profiles which translates a greater ROI on marketing campaigns.

Our teams of marketing strategists are best-in-class in: demographic research, targeting and execution. Understanding buyer demographic location is the catalyst to a robust marketing campaign. 

Our teams of experienced copy writers know how to write sales copy that sells.  Understanding customer profiles, buying patterns and collective interests construct the strategically timed message potential customers must see to increase conversions. 

We understand customer buying cycles.  Our teams of conversion specialists know how to execute unique sales processes to grow customer databases, increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Successful marketing campaigns isolate customer origins. Our teams of campaign specialists research customer profiles and key demographic segments to execute a targeted campaign that reach ideal prospects allowing for a stronger ROI.

Interpreting key data matrices increases sales and reduces marketing expenses.  Our teams of analysts cognize big data segmenting it into specific data points revealing new customer acquisition opportunities.

We develop an intimate understanding of customer profiles, buying patterns, and segment analytic data points to increase conversion rates. 

Customer Profiling

Demographic Research

Copy Writing

Sales Funnel Development

Campaign Targeting



Build traction, increase downloads and grow user base with sophisticated app marketing

Create and dissseminate a detailed press release highlighting all the app features, achievements, rankings etc. via an online PR distribution wire.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Generate genuine user reviews which will include a detailed feedback on the app.

App Store User Reviews

Provide revised app store description and keywords in any language.

Localized Description Writing

Provide a 30 second video highlighting the main features of the app.

App Promo Video Creation

Provide a revised app title, description and set of keywords after completing a thorough analysis of the keyword rankings, traffic, difficulty and relevance to your app. 

App Store Optimization

Provide a new set of attractive, compelling and accurate screenshots to market the app better.

App Store Screenshots Optimization

Comparison report vis-a-vis top 5 competition apps based on UI, features, functionalities, monetization model and continuity strategy.

Competitive Analysis

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We work with innovative entrepreneurs to successfully develop, fund, and launch their app ideas.  We'd love to hear about your concept.

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